Sprinkles Pecan Pie Cupcake 2

REVIEW: Sprinkles Pumpkin Pecan Pie Cupcake at Disney Springs

Sprinkles Cupcakes marks the fall season with their Pumpkin Pecan Pie cupcake, a version of their pumpkin flavor with a gooey nut twist, but it proves almost too much of a good thing.

Sprinkles Pecan Pie Cupcake 1

“We took our Pumpkin cupcake, cored it, filled it with our new pecan pie filling, then topped it with our marshmallow cream and gave it a nice hard toast,” states the company and, while the pecan flavors do contrast nicely with the marshmallow frosting, this is most assuredly more of a pumpkin dessert than pecan pie in the flavor department.

The pie filling itself is not overly sweet, but it is messy. When the cupcake was split for review, several nuts simply fell out. Due to this, it’s a cupcake that’s hard to share (as if you wanted to in the first place).

Sprinkles Pecan Pie Cupcake 3

While attempting a complex hybrid of two Autumn standards, this cupcake doesn’t really do either justice and it’s perhaps due to the marshmallow frosting, which feels texturally out of place amongst the rest. Our recommendation is to get the original pumpkin cupcake. Sometimes less is more.

Both the pumpkin and pumpkin pecan pie cupcakes are available through Nov. 30th for $5.25 apiece.

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