PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour Universal Studios Japan’s Incredible 20th Anniversary Merchandise Featuring JAWS, Back to the Future, and More


On March 31st, Universal Studios Japan will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and there’s already a slew of merchandise on sale to celebrate properties that have graced the park during its first 20 years, including Back to the Future, JAWS, and Sesame Street! You can take a video tour below on our YouTube channel, or keep … Read more

PHOTOS: Universal Studios Japan Previews 20th Anniversary Merchandise Featuring Classic Films


March 31st marks 20 years of Universal Studios Japan, the most visited theme park in the Universal family. And to celebrate, Universal Studios Japan has given us a sneak peek of the latest merchandise coming March 12th to San Francisco Candies in the San Francisco area. Tons of classic films, like E.T. and Back to … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Check Out Special Mario Kart Merchandise Available at Super Nintendo World’s Mario Motors Shop


You might be surprised to learn that not everything at Super Nintendo World is for sale at the massive 1-Up Factory! There’s actually quite a bit of special merchandise exclusive to Mario Motors, the exit gift shop to Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge! And now that the media embargo has ended on Super Nintendo World, we … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO TOUR: First Look at Massive NEW Super Nintendo World Merchandise Line at Universal Studios Japan


With Super Nintendo World opening sometime this year (after the State of Emergency lifts in Osaka) at Universal Studios Japan, there has been several peeks at what will be on sale in the land’s two gift shops already. Although we’ve seen a few things from walking Mario figurines to around 50 of the items revealed … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: First Look at “8-Bit” Super Nintendo World Merchandise Available at Universal Studios Japan


While Super Nintendo World has no set opening date due to the ongoing State of Emergency in Osaka and we aren’t allowed to show you what it’s like inside the expansion just yet, some exclusive merchandise has come out of the land and into the Hollywood-area shops at Universal Studios Japan! In fact, this line, … Read more

PHOTOS: Super Mushroom Headband, Mario T-Shirts, Keychains, and Even More Merchandise Revealed for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan


In anticipation of Super Nintendo World, the world’s first Nintendo-themed area, opening February 4th at Universal Studios Japan, Universal and Nintendo have partnered together to create hundreds of new merchandise items exclusively for sale at the exciting new expansion! We’ve seen a small preview of the items on offer, including the magically walking Tokotoko Mario … Read more

PHOTOS: NEW Super Nintendo World Mario Kart and Light-Up Star Popcorn Buckets Revealed at Universal Studios Japan


We’re just under one month away from the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan! And while we have seen quite a bit already thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto’s 15-minute tour of the land, now we have a sneak peek at some of the popcorn buckets thanks to the land’s new dedicated website! … Read more

PHOTOS: Sneak Peek of Land Map, New Food, & Merchandise Coming to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan


While Guests are already experiencing Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan through Annual Passholder lotteries and contests from park sponsors, we won’t be hearing much about the full details until the spoiler embargo lifts on opening day of February 4th. But to tide us over, Universal Studios Japan recently provided a sneak peek of … Read more

PHOTOS: Walking “Tokotoko Mario” Toy Coming to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan


Today, Nintendo revealed a massive slew of information about Super Nintendo World, the Mario-themed expansion opening February 4th, 2021 at Universal Studios Japan. Briefly shown in the video is a new toy that walks just like Mario without any batteries, called Tokotoko Mario! And now, Nintendo has released a closer look at this special item! … Read more

PHOTOS: Cute NEW “Minions Cozy Winter” Merchandise Line Has Arrived at Universal Studios Japan


“Bello!” from Osaka! With the holiday season also comes the scarfs, stockings, snowmen, and hot cocoa to stir the spirit of the season, and Universal Studios Japan is commemorating that in an adorable new line featuring the Minions we all know and love! Available next to Minion Park at San Francisco Candies, the Minions Cozy … Read more

PHOTOS: NEW Adorable Peanuts Holiday 2020 Merch Debuts at Universal Studios Japan


The holidays are a time of joy for everyone, where we can all gather with a cup of cocoa and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. And if you need some winter pals from Peanuts to keep you company, look no further than Universal Studios Japan in Osaka! They’ve released a special blue and white holiday … Read more

PHOTOS: NEW Neon Universal Studios Japan Merchandise Now Available


Universal Studios Japan is always playing with fun new ways to create merchandise for Guests featuring the park logo, like the pink and blue “Most Exciting Day” line from this summer. Now its latest variant is this neon green and pink line, available now at Rodeo Drive Souvenirs and the Universal Studios Store in Hollywood. … Read more

PHOTOS: New Gryffindor House Face Masks Now Available at Universal Studios Japan


When Universal Studios Japan started selling themed masks back in August, notably absent were the Hogwarts House-themed masks seen at Universal Orlando Resort and in Hollywood. Well it seems Universal Studios Japan is getting the message, because a Gryffindor mask is now on sale at the park! Gryffindor Face Mask – ¥900 ($8.54) The masks … Read more

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Preview the FULL Mario Store “Whose Cap” Merchandise Lineup at Universal Studios Japan


Today, Universal Studios Japan held a special preview of their new Mario Cafe and Store to celebrate Super Nintendo World’s Spring 2021 grand opening, and we were lucky enough to get a peek at every single item available for sale in the shop. You can check out individual pictures just a little bit further down! … Read more

VIDEO: First Look Inside the Mario Store and “Whose Cap” Merchandise at Universal Studios Japan


With Super Nintendo World on its way in Spring 2021, Universal Studios Japan has opened a brand-new shop merch shop located in the Hollywood area stuffed top-to-bottom with incredible Super Mario merchandise, and we were lucky enough to get a short sneak peek! So without further ado, grab some coins and take a peek inside … Read more

VIDEO: Take a Tour of the NEW Mario Cafe at Universal Studios Japan


With Super Nintendo World on its way in Spring 2021, Universal Studios Japan is opening a special new Mario Cafe on October 16th to celebrate! The new snack shop is located in Hollywood at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, and we were lucky enough to get a short sneak peek! So without further ado, put … Read more