PHOTOS: 2014 Merchandise Arrives at Walt Disney World

2014 merchandise has started to arrive at stores around the Walt Disney World Resort! Here’s a look at the merchandise that has been released thus far and will be available over the next year:

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Ceramic mug

Photo fame



Metal keychain


Magnet photo frame

Some new tin sings have been released

As well as the Dole Whip shirt

Ear hat

Kid’s hat

Kid’s sweatshirt

Kid’s jacket

Adult t-shirt

Adult t-shirt

Matchbox airplane (the bus isn’t out yet)


Kid’s t-shirt

Baby t-shirt

Infant t-shirt

Light-up necklace

Mickey plush


Kid’s long sleeve shirt

Fanny pack

Adult t-shirt

Adult t-shirt

Adult t-shirt

Women’s t-shirt

Women’s long sleeve tee

Women’s jacket

The back of the jacket

Women’s t-shirt

Another new sign spotted

All 4 of the new signs

So, what do you think of the 2014 merchandise?


  1. Brady

    Instead of the Sorcerer Hat being the DHS icon, they went back to the water tower. Are they planning on removing the sorcerer hat once and for all?

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  3. J. Males

    I think they're using the Water Tower icon instead of the hat because they're using Sorcerer Mickey on all the 2014 merch, and seeing the twice they might have thought would be a bit overkill.

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