Starbucks to Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2015, Replacing L.A. Cinema Storage Shop

The L.A. Prop Cinema Storage shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is closing on June 16th for what is expected to be a conversion into a Starbucks location. The store is scheduled to be closed until March 2015, which would be about 8 months until we would see the Starbucks location completed, but it may be done a few weeks earlier than that. There’s no word of if the exterior Red Car Trolley Barn theme of the building will remain, but we are hopeful.


Starring Rolls was rumored to be the new Starbucks location for the park, but the space was deemed too small to handle the amount of guests expected daily. L.A. Cinema Storage is a fairly large location and is conveniently placed at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, which should be a easy-to-find location for guests especially when entering the park.

Disney has not confirmed Starbucks will be taking over this space, but it seems highly likely at this time. This would be the 5th Starbucks to open at Walt Disney World with locations at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and 2 at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.


  1. Too many Starbucks going in at Disney. If I want to go to Starbucks, I have 358 non-Disney vacation days to do so. If Disney wants to use Starbucks coffee but keep the, in this case, L.A. Cinema Storage name, I have no problem with that. I have a problem seeing the Starbucks logo and branding in every park.

    • Mark

      Too many? Nah! Give me some of that Starbucks any day of the week over the Nescafé crap that they serve everywhere else. Realistically it’s not that many. At this point one for each park and two in DTD. So in the end it’s only gonna be 6 if they do AK which I’m sure they will.

    • Jones

      They will never get one single buck from me – if people boycottet the locations, this nightmare would be over in no time at all. Too bad it will never happen, because most people are – well, let´s put it this way: I have met people at WDW who did nor even know the name of the park they were in…

  2. CJ

    I agree with others comments regarding Starbucks coffee. I don’t think I have ever had coffee while at Disney. In the winter it is cocoa and other seasons it is always a cold drink.

    KURT – Ironically Pepsi lost its contract with Disney years ago (not sure why) but when I drink soda on occasion it is always Pepsi products. Although I do occasionally visit Club Cold on the really hot days at EPCOT.

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