UPDATE: Disney Announces that DisneyQuest Will Remain Open

Back in July, we told you that the NBA presence at Disney Springs was likely cancelled. Well, as of today, Disney is telling cast members that DisneyQuest will remain open into 2017.

DisneyQuest at Disney Springs will continue to operate into 2017

DisneyQuest at Disney Springs will continue to operate into 2017

Despite being removed from annual passes, DisneyQuest has no closing in sight as Disney continues to have problems finding a tenant for the building who doesn’t want to just knock it down. Cast members were originally told that DisneyQuest would close sometime in 2016.


  1. The only place in town now where you can draw a character – glad I can go back next month. I went last November on my own, thinking it was closing soon. Now the rest of my family can go, whenever we can fit Disney Springs into the itinerary.

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  3. Brenda G

    Too bad Disney won’t put the money back into DisneyQuest and restore it to what it was. They make so much money on their theme parks that they could surely absorb this.
    Disney let the games go unfixed, the great rides closed down and the vendors pulled out. We used to take the family to play and have dessert at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant inside! Too bad they are just keeping it open until they find the right buyer, we won’t be spending our hard earned money on something Disney doesn’t care to maintain!

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