BREAKING: Disneyland Introducing a Paid Digital FastPass Service Called Disney MaxPass

Disney today finally announced the further expansion of FASTPASS to two of their most popular attractions — Toy Story Mania in Disney California Adventure park and Matterhorn Bobsleds in Disneyland park. However, the bigger news is that the eventual introduction of digital FASTPASS at the resort will be part of a paid service.

Later this year, Disney will launch Disney MaxPass, which will allow guests unlimited downloads of their high-resolution PhotoPass images, but also enable the convenience of mobile booking and redemption of Disney FASTPASS return times – all by using the Disneyland App. Disney MaxPass will be available for an introductory price of $10 a day. Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders also will have the opportunity to purchase Disney MaxPass on a daily or yearly basis.

Guests will continue to have the option of Disney FASTPASS service at no cost by obtaining FASTPASSES at attraction FASTPASS kiosks, just as they do today.

This contradicts rumors of the last year or so about the installation of the system and ensures that paper FASTPASS service will remain at the Disneyland Resort for the time being.

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  1. Echo

    This seems like an awesome deal! Even if it were just discounted photopass it would be worth it.
    Adding the digital fastpass is an added bonus.

  2. stevenw

    Yeah, I was wondering how long it would take before they monetized Fastpass. Getting people to pay a little extra to get to the head of the line was just too great a temptation for Disney.

  3. Joe

    So to clarify what we know…. We would be paying to have the ability to reserve a fastpass time on your phone/internet instead of being inside the park and getting a physical pass? This is NOT an unlimited fastpass service similar to what Universal offers?

    Curious as to how long it will take for Disney to bring this to Florida and monetize the Fastpass+ selections 90 days in advance.

  4. Scott Dolan

    Being an old school WDW fan, I never liked FastPass. I also don’t use them, so would certainly never pay for the “privilege”. But, they obviously had focus groups and found that the idea was popular enough to give a trial run. If it works well out in California, there is no question they will eventually bring it to Reedy Creek.

    • Jeffrey

      They already have this at WDW… it’s called Memory Maker. Vacationers visit the parks differently in CA compared to FL. In California most only visit for a couple days whereas in Florida most visit for a week. So the fee for memory maker for the week would come out the same as the $10/day/person in California. So there’s no reason to bring that format to the east coast.

      • Bob

        He means having to pay $10 to get fastpasses on your phone. If they took away fastpass+ and made it part of memory maker, then they would bringing the same sort of program to WDW.

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