Magic Kingdom In-Park Cabanas Being Offered at a Discounted Price

The now-infamous Kingdom Cabanas at the Magic Kingdom will be offered at a discounted price over the next few weeks.

Kingdom Cabanas at the Magic Kingdom

The Kingdom Cabanas are discounted to $499 per day between January 17th and February 17th, 2017. They are typically priced at $649.00 per day. The price change is an adjustment in an effort to increase sales during the slower weeks of the year.

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  1. L.P.

    These things make Disney look like junk, and fees the problem that if they didn’t make the parks such a wreck, and entertaining, they wouldn’t have to sell havens to get away from the madness. Whoever the executive that came up with these instead of ways to make the park more enjoyable, should be shackled in liberty square and stoned.

  2. Charles

    These kind of remind me of that Twilight Zone where the guy is taken as a guest to another planet and given a beautiful home with excellent scotch…and then he finds out he’s a caged exhibit in an alien zoo.

  3. Kim

    Woah! What a deal.
    I’d better step out of the way so I’m not crushed in the stampede to reserve one of these. ((steps aside, waits…. waits…. waits… crickets….)

  4. DL CM

    We used to have benches and seating areas in WDW theme parks. They removed most all of them from theme parks. Our managers said “nobody is spending money when sitting down or in a ride or at a show” Guess this was next bad idea. They’d rather rape the guests of money, reduce attractions and activities, and then charge them for a reprieve. Wish they’d just make the parks nicer in general and not resort to 100% money grabs.

      • Steve Holt!

        They only remove them when DL CM is there because they enjoy messing with the tinfoil hat wearing but job conspiracy theorist.

      • Allan

        Yea, they took out most all the benches, and seating areas that aren’t at restaurants at all 4 Florida parks. And also removed most of the water fountains so people buy bottled water. There was article in Orlando Sentinel on it. Basically said, ‘seats make no money’. Is embarrassing for Disney tbh. They’ve lost the vision it’s got to be fun and somewhat comfortable, or only the idiots return.

  5. Kther

    You people are pathetic, people actually have high paying jobs and enjoy added benefits. Just because you cannot afford it doesn’t make it stupid. Spend your money on what you want and let others spend it how they want.

    • Allan

      Like you can afford it Kther And your post misses the point. I bet you hear that a lot though. WDW has screwed up the parks so badly themselves, they had to do this for another money grab to escape the lack of entertainment and cut backs. And they’re ugly. Everyone looses.

      • Kther

        650$ divided by 8 people, oh no where will I be able to find 82$. I get a hat, ice cream, drinks, viewing for fireworks and parades, and a place to sit and relax. You lose.

  6. HippyDisneyGuy

    Just for fun…what if “cabana idea” worked like this:

    Its located in Frontierland above the some of the shops. It includes a private area for up to 8 that is air conditioned, snacks, water, you can use it all day, bathroom, a concierge that helps you with fastpasses/waiter for quickservice meals, private balcony for viewing the parades & fireworks….for $350…you could get relief from rain & extreme heat

    Wonder if this would work?

    • PJ

      They keep closing attractions, parades, number of tables in already cramped restaurants and increasing the crowds, just charge $1000 an hour. Someone will pay it to escape the madness. They should look nicer than construction tents. And if they made the parks more enjoyable, they wouldn’t need an ‘escape for a fee zone’

  7. DR Love

    Make one tent the love tent charge $100 for 15 min (it only takes that long) . Turn the other tent to a moms breast feeding tent . Because they will need it on the next year’s vacation after renting the LOVE tent.

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