REVIEW: “Beverly’s Revenge” Spices Up Notorious Epcot Beverage with Alcohol

The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs has offered international flavors of soda since it opened back in July, including the infamous Beverly drink from Italy. The drink is well-known from the nearly 2 decades it has spent at Epcot as part of Club Cool (formerly Ice Station Cool), surprising unexpecting guests from around the globe with it’s “unique” flavor. Basically, a lot of people really dislike Beverly.


Well, the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs is now mixing up the “palate cleanser” in a alcoholic concoction as part of a revamped late-night menu of adult beverages.


Beverly’s Revenge is made up of Hendrick’s Gin, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, and, as you might guess, Beverly.


I’m one of the few people who generally finds Beverly tolerable. It isn’t my favorite drink and I wouldn’t choose to drink it (unless it is placed in an alcoholic beverage that might be particularly bloggable in this case), but I could drink it and not be repulsed if challenged to do so. 

Being incredibly intrigued once I heard about this offering, I had to go and try it. Honestly, it wasn’t bad. Actually, to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it. It almost tasted as if Beverly was meant to be a mixing soda, tasting bad on its own, but really blending well into a drink like this. The drink is of a good size for the price (compared to other places at Walt Disney World, not what you might pay for such things in the rest of the known universe) and I felt there was enough alcohol in it to get a slight buzz, which doesn’t happen to me very often at Disney.


It tasted like an orange-Beverly soda with gin in it, as you might guess by the description. I would order this again if I happened to end up with some friends at the rooftop tasting bar of the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs, but to be honest, this isn’t the hippest hangout in Orlando. That being said, I like the rooftop tasting bar a lot and I think it is worthy of at least a visit if you have never been and enjoy soda.

For more on the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs and a look at the two exciting tasting trays they offer, please check out our original post from when they opened back in July.


  1. Sarah Jacobson

    $13 fort a run and coke? Fark it, I’ll just go to costco on my way from the airport and get a case of coke and a gallon jug of Bacardi for the price of two of their drinks.

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