RUMOR: Coronado Springs Resort to Be Remodeled into Business Deluxe Resort

A few months ago, we told you about the upcoming expansion of the convention center at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Well, it seems there is more to this story.

Rumor has it that Coronado Springs will become Walt Disney World’s first and only business-class deluxe resort. The idea behind this will be to send all business and convention guests primarily to Coronado or to Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts (which are currently in the process of expanding their convention space). Eventually, the convention center at Disney’s Contemporary Resort should close, likely after both expansions at the other resorts are complete.

The plan for Coronado Springs includes a massive remodeling and expansion of the Resort’s main building (which includes the demolition of some existing guest rooms), sweeping room remodelings, and more.

Of course, this story remains a rumor until there is confirmation from Disney on the matter.

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  1. Bob Potter

    Just to clarify — Do you mean Deluxe as in Value, Moderate, Deluxe? In other words, will the Coronado Springs going to no longer be a Moderate? :^{

    • Based on the plans I’ve seen, I doubt an expansion to the actual convention floor. Picture a big new high rise building with an expansive new lobby (and possibly a new table service restaurant). Picture a new entryway, lots of new parking out front, and some nice gardens/water features between the new structure and the lake. Within the new high rise building, rooms are in enclosed hallways (a feature common only to the other deluxe resorts). Most of the rest of the resort remains untouched (and stays similar to other mods).

    • Larry

      Not a chance of that happening. Rosen and Gaylord run circles around Disney in ANYTHING hospitality or business related. Coronodo, as all Disney’s motels, are there cuz cutely themed. Big businesses don’t care. Most used business/convention spot on property is Swan and Dolphin (no coincidence, run by Marriott, nothing to do with Disney) .

  2. Sara Jacobson

    So the tower would be different pricing? If I am paying for business-deluxe, my door better be on the inside of a hallway. So, unless the renovate all the spaces and build internal hallways, there would only be 500 business-class rooms.

    • Vampire Friendly hotel

      I’m sure they’d enclose everything. If you’re paying business-deluxe pricing they would NEVER expect your delicate skin to come in contact with that horrible Florida sun. Rest assured, you can spend your entire business trip without ever setting foot outdoors. For an extra charge, cast members will even cover or remove anything within your vacinity that relates to sunshine or happiness to ensure that your stay is as drab as your personality,

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