Starring Rolls Cafe at Hollywood Studios Closing Tomorrow

The Starring Rolls Cafe and Bakery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will permanently close on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.

No replacement has been named as of yet and there is no word on what will happen to the space.


  1. Allen

    Had lunch there for the first time every after many trips and loved it, especially as an alternative to the drab counter service at HS. Thought it was going to be my new “go to”. Oh, well.

  2. Steve Keeling

    What!!!??? My daughters and I love going there. Great place to grab a quick bite to eat on the way into the park. This will be a big loss. The place is quiet and comfortable, and nice place for a light breakfast. It will be missed.

  3. Fran

    The café was a quiet little spot to stop and grab a snack. If they close anything else they’ll have to charge 50% for park admission.

  4. Paul in CT

    This closing is too bad. They always served great pastries at Starring Rolls. Starbucks next door probably made it a bit redundant even though the pastries are much better. Perhaps they will use the space to expand the Brown Derby?

  5. Andy

    Just close Hollywood Studios already and put it out of it’s misery! The park sux. Disney blew it by not opening new areas, and then refreshing older areas.

  6. Progressive Music Lover

    I applaud Disney’s decision to close that place down. One less eatery that promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. I have lost count of the number of times I walked through there only to leave in total disgust with the sweets and snacks on display that offer no benefit to the children except for a head start towards obesity. Now if only Disney would follow New York City’s brave lead and eliminate all sodas and soft drinks from Disney property.

    • Mark

      It really wasn’t as bad as some other places and they did have fruit and a few other items that were terrible for you. Much better than sitting down for a full-blown meal just because you have to because of lack of options for QS.

    • Sayits0k

      There is nothing wrong with sweets once in awhile and vacation is the best time. However, it’s not Disney’s right to limit the types of food and beverages one is “allowed” to consume. FYI…soda is available all throughout NYC and at restaurants.

    • Perelandra

      Wow! Disney would be a lot of fun with you in charge. We could ride all the rides with helmets on and eat rice cakes until our 9 O’clock curfew!!!! Yipee! Three cheers for sugar intake legislation.

  7. Mary T

    I just don’t understand why they are doing this. It would be nice to know. Always an AM stop here for us for every trip and visit to the studios and seemed to have good business. My daughter says there is no reason to go here now at all and she loves Rockin Rollercoaster and the muppets so that says a lot.

    • Al

      I can explain why they’re doing this. They are stingy and don’t care about the experience anymore! They’d rather pay one store with 3 cast members minimum wage with a 30 minute line for guests with less variety, than pay 2. Guests don’t mean a DAMN think to Disney. They’re just walking wallets to extract from, and Disney feels entitled not to give anything ‘back’ for that money.

      • Mike Hunt

        Do they even pay the Starbucks employees? The Starbucks employees at Universal are paid for by Starbucks, so one would have to assume it’d be the same at Disney since you know They would never pay for something Universal gets for free. Of course it could’ve also been a demand from Starbucks if they felt like it was cutting into their profits.

  8. Ali

    Wow..some harsh comments here. It was a good place to grsb something quick. The sandwiches were good. And the had other food besides cupcakes. RIP Starring Rolls I will miss you

  9. Holly

    Hollywood Studios is actually still open? News to me. Thought it was basically closed long ago. New lands, Starwars and Toystory land, expecially both mostly being cheapo retail spaces, aren’t enough to salvage this place.

    • Al

      Holly, I get your sarcasm, no new ‘attractions’ at WDW in many years. Mostly closing stuff and turning prior rides into front to sell latest movie toys. Used to always be a business, but there WAS value in the park in and of itself, which is why it USED to have a good image.

      The lands in Hollywood studios aren’t new either, they came at closure of more attractions than will return. And attractions that were there, though could use some refresh, were just there for fun. Starring Rolls was an ok bakery spot. The worst part, everywhere else already has such a long line. To close more is another “fuck you” from Disney to their fan base.

      • Progressive Music Lover

        I have to honestly disagree with you. Obviously someone with authority with in the Disney organization, possibly the CEO himself, has become revolted, as have I, by the average American’s eating habits. This is Disney’s way of saying that if you are going to choose not to eat healthy, then we are going to choose for you. It is a win for everyone! Now if they would do something about the smokers. My partner and I always make it a point to walk through the smoking areas of each park and give the smokers dirty looks to show our disapproval of their lifestyle choices.

        • Steve Keeling

          Starring Rolls Café had healthier choices than most places in the park. Fruit, muffins, bagels mostly. Not many sweets sold here. All candy and sugar snacks were located next door at Sweet Spells

        • L.G.

          That might make sense if it had any accuracy, Starring Rolls was one of the healthier spots. They closed it for money reasons. They really couldn’t care less if they provided anything of substance, as long as the sheep are spending money at all times, and locations, there’s not much reason not to keep them in the same few stands open.

  10. Mr. Saleem Ahmad

    Very good that Disney close Starring Rolls. No halal food on menu for me and my wives when we are very hungry and thirsty. I tell Disney manager about this but he not really seem to care! Very bad!

  11. Progressive Music Lover

    Me. Ahmad might I suggest that you visit the Moroccan Pavilion in Epcot. The food and atmosphere there are wonderful and you and your wives may feel more comfortable in those surroundings. I have visited there many times and never gotten sick from the food offerings. Other than not containing a ride and for a couple of swarthy looking employees, it is one of the more enjoyable places in Disney.

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