Expansion on Tokyo Disney Resort’s ‘Disney’s Easter’

Pretty soon, the Disney’s Easter event will be hopping to the Tokyo Disney Resort. A first for the event, guests will be able to encounter the mischevious bunny-eared Usatama egg characters, who bring with them a whole lot of mayhem and springtime fun. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde will have their own parade floats in the all new Usatama on the Run! parade debuting as part of this springtime adventure and features Mickey and his pals chasing after the Usatama. A special Usatama dance will entertain guests and allow them to ‘hop in the fun’ during the parade, which is very similar to the ‘Move it Shake it Parade’ at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Another new thing for the event is the brand new scavenger hunt where guests can use clues and follow the map to find the hidden Usatama. As a special reward for completion, you receive a unique sticker.

Head over to Tokyo DisneySea for the special Fashionable Easter show, performed by our Disney friends at the Mediterranean Harbor as they dance to music from four different ports. You’ll also find plenty of Easter decorations and exclusive merchandise all over the resort, including the must-have item of the season: an adorable bunny-eared Easter “Bunny” Bonnet. All the fun begins on April 4, 2017!


  1. PJ

    NOTHING like how terribly run Florida parks are. Where half of everything is ‘closed’, huge lines, everything cut cut cut. Pandora first real new attraction in almost a decade. Yes, I’m jealous!

    • Tawni

      All in how you look at it PJ. I think it’s a wonderful place and you can choose to see it negative or positive. Sorry you can’t see what I see.

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