REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Join WDWNT at Walt Disney World for WDW News Today: The 10th Anniversary Event!

WDW News Today will celebrate 10 years online later this year with a once-in-a-lifetime party at Walt Disney World, and you are all invited!

WDW News Today: The 10th Anniversary will take place September 23rd-26th, 2017 at the Walt Disney World Resort and will be a fantastic way for you to join in our Tencennial Celebration!

Event activities will include:

  • WDWNT: The Breakfast (Ticketed special event featuring games, meet and greets, and more)
  • WDWNT: The Order of the Seven interactive game
  • A live podcast recording from a special location
  • Group rides
  • Group meals
  • & much, much more!

Registration for the event is open now at Members of the WDWNT Inner Globe Society (at any level of Patreon contribution) receive a 33% discount on registration and will receive special gifts and opportunities at the event. Registration fees cover the creation and mailing of credentials and are otherwise used to acquire prizes for the many games at the event or for the special surprises we are working on.

Tickets for group meal events and special room rates at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels will be available soon, so stay tuned for more information!

So, will you be there?


  1. MHP

    If the comments section of this website are any indication, I have no desire to meet any of your readers. This place is worse than 4chan.

        • Progressive Music Lover

          My partner and I plan to be there. My only hope is that none of the typical nasty Trump voters that flood this site will be there. We will not hesitate to file assault charges against them if they even get near us.

          • Typical Nasty Trump Voter

            I’ll be there with bells on, and I look forward to a spirited debate with you and your partner. Although based on your reflex to file assault charges by simply being “near” someone that doesn’t have your same beliefs, I’m guessing our debate will mostly be me calmly presenting facts and you aggressively yelling the noun du jour (fascist/racist/xenophobe/bigot/sexist/disneyist).

            See ya real soon.

        • MHP

          Yeah, sure. Take a read of the comments on this alone and tell me you don’t have a serious problem with your comments section.

          Get it together and clean your house before inviting someone over.

          • Ol' Clickbait Corless

            Yeah, sure, and lose all them sweet clicks? People want the dirt, they can have all the dirt they want,l. There’s no shame in that. At the end of the day clicks is clicks and they all look the same when I’m trying to make myself sound important to Michelle.

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