VIDEO: BB-8 Comes To Life In His Meet And Greet Debut, Coming to WDW Next Month

Check out BB-8 as he makes his very first impressive meet and greet debut at Hong Kong Disneyland. BB-8 is set to make his Hollywood Studios debut at the Star Wars Launch Bay next month!

Source: Chris Iannuzzi via Facebook


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    • Enuff

      I agree, Matt, but I know exactly why. Parents these days will just let their kids attack this thing until it’s broken. Notice how it’s off the floor and on a stand. Most small children will only be able to touch it around it’s lower half. You have to design everything with the fact that parents no longer parent their kids. Things like this are the result unfortunately.

      • The stupidity never ceases to amaze me

        Do me a favor and Google Wall-E at D23 expo. Go on I’ll wait….. pretty cool huh? Know why it’s not in any Parks? Because Disney was afraid of it rolling over toes and them getting sued. It’s the same frickin’ concept with BB-8 you dumb a$$. It’s not about bad parenting, it’s about bad lawyering. So how about you think for a moment before blaming it on parents? It truly amazes me how many idiots on here immediately blame parents for every little inconvenience they experience in the park. Don’t like outside factors? How about you just lock yourself in your mom’s basement where you can live your pathetic life exactly the way you want to.

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