BREAKING: Fire Reported at Cinderella Castle, Royal Table Restaurant Evacuated

There appears to be a small fire at Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom tonight as the structure was being evacuated about a half an hour ago…

Photo courtesy of @bkabbash on twitter

Photo courtesy of @bkabbash on twitter

Fire alarms in the kitchen at Cinderella’s Royal Table do go off from time to time, but this appears to be outside of the Castle. Firefighters were reported responding to the incident on the side where the Wishing Well stands, somewhere in the rocks that are part of the front facade at its base. It is likely that fallout from the nightly pyrotechnics displays are to blame.

No further details are available at this time, but it does not appear to be a very large scale incident and likely no one was harmed.

We will keep you posted as more becomes available.

UPDATE – The small fire appears to be out and operations at the Magic Kingdom are back to normal.

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  1. Audrey

    That is exactly where the SMOKING AREA is. Dollars to donuts it was some jerk flicking the butt over the edge and it ignited some mulch. Idiots.

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  3. Chuck

    My family and I were in the castle waiting on dinner when the evac happened. Disney staff reported the fire started as a result of firework debris from the new show replacing Wishes that they have been testing in the 9:40-10:00pm time frame every night this week.
    Kudos to the Disney staff on a safe and mostly orderly evac as safety clearly seemed to be the top priority. No injuries that I saw other than the odor and some coughing from our little one (6) who smelled it WAY before I did. The restaurant did not reopen and there were lots of disappointed people. What was supposed to be our most magical dinner turned into a different type of story we will never forget.

  4. Tanya

    Wow I sat through Wishes @ 9 then moved up to the roped off entrance during Once Upon A Time @ 9:45 and we never saw or heard a thing. Spent the interim time talking to a cast member who was in charge of the rope to keep Castle front entrance closed. Crazy.

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