Disney Has No Plans To Change The Jungle Cruise Attraction, Regardless Of What The Rock Says

Yesterday we reported that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he was working with Disney Imagineers in order to update the classic Disney Parks attraction, Jungle Cruise. Well, according to Disney, it turns out that is not case. Although Disney did confirm that The Rock did meet with Disney Imagineers recently, Disney said there are no plans to revamp the ride at this time. Good news for fans of the original attraction.

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  1. PaulW

    Maybe they are waiting for box office results. I wouldn’t might if they can liven the attraction a few notches higher.

  2. Rich

    Don’t know why….that attraction totally needs to be brought into the 2000’s!!!! Imagine how AWESOME IT COULD BE!!!!!

  3. thorphin

    This doesn’t mean that Dwayne was wrong. It just means that Disney isn’t ready to confirm anything. It may still happen, and if it does, Disney won’t announce it until everyone knows about it anyway.

  4. Ryan B

    It will happen. Disney simply doesn’t want two years of complaints, protests, ect. The nerd spotlight.

    Rock got shut down by the law offices of Paper & Scissors.

    • Court Tv

      I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Paper and Scissors are two separate entities. The Rock was only challenged by Scissors, which he easily crushed in court., but there have only cut to that coverage in small pieces. The issue brought forth by Paper has had much wider coverage and it will be much harder for him to win because Paper has everything covered thanks to a pretty solid NDA, which is very difficult to cut up.

    • Drew

      True, especially after all the complaining online that is STILL going on over Maelstrom. If there is a massive overhaul of an attraction that lots of people actually ride, then it’ll be an endless storm of complaints for years.

  5. Jay

    They said the same thing about Tower when the news first leaked out, then they announced the change later that year. LOL

  6. Disney Pete

    At this point in time I’m more inclined to believe The Rock than Disney management, just like everyone else in here

  7. Brad W

    They’re taking a “wait and see” approach to make sure that they have another “POTC” blockbuster on their hands before changing anything. If this movie flops like the Haunted Mansion film did then they won’t do anything to the original attraction.

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