PHOTOS: Awesome 3-D Haunted Mansion Phone Case Now Available at Walt Disney World

We have seen some cool iPhone cases at Disney Parks before, but this might be the coolest…

Retailing for $29.99, this case is only for the iPhone 7 and 6S models as of right now and was found at the Darkroom inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The case is modeled after Madame Leota’s tombstone at the Haunted Mansion attraction in the Magic Kingdom. While it may be a little wonky, the head is fully sculpted, making for a pretty cool replica.

What do you think? Will you be buying this?

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  1. Ron

    Always for the Crap phone, it’s funny there is more phones out there than just iphone, and its not ever the #1 selling phone, but is always the iphone you see the cases for.

    • Ron's Daddy

      Well seeing that 3 of the top 4 phones that are selling the most in 2017 just happen to be iphones, I guess it makes sense that they are pushing iphone cases.

    • Josh2112

      Completely agree. It makes no sense to cater to a dying brand. I would totally buy this for my Android. I do understand, however, that Android has many models with varying sizes and designs, which logistically makes it harder to manufacture cases like this.

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