PHOTOS, VIDEO: Baby Groot & Star Lord of MARVEL’s Guardians of the Galaxy Now Meeting Guests at Walt Disney World

This morning, a new meet and greet experience debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring Star Lord and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which of course also opened today in theaters.

The meet and greet is located inside Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, replacing what was the Moana meet and greet experience.

The queue remains small, and just features some star projections over big galaxy images that cover the walls.

The meet and greet experience itself is pretty neat, featuring Star Lord and a living-character version of Baby Groot that can actually interact with guests.

See the pair in action in our video:

The experience is now open daily from open to close hours for the One Man’s Dream attraction and will remain through the 2017 holiday season.

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  1. Ryan Serowinski

    Looks like a cool meet and greet, but wish Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight really got the ax instead of Moana, honestly

  2. Craig

    I’m waiting for the upcharge option where the creepy Star-Lord cosplayer gets lost for a few minutes while I talk to the Baby Groot AA.

  3. RebeccaMcK

    He sounds like Starlord but doesn’t look a lot like him. If Disneyland has him, too, we’ll see what their version looks like in December (hopefully they have him that long). My daughter loves Chris Pratt. Baby Groot is adorable. Seeing the movie in two hours.

  4. Jen P

    So excited for this M&G, will be checking it out next Friday. People that are all negative about the guy not looking like Chris Pratt should think about the fact that Chris Pratt looks nothing like Starlord the comic book character.

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