Stitch’s Great Escape Will Reopen for Summer 2017, Stitch Meet & Greet Moving at Magic Kingdom

The seasonal attraction Stitch’s Great Escape will return to operation this Summer at the Magic Kingdom, meanwhile, the Stitch meet and greet will relocate to Tomorrowland from Main Street.

The Stitch’s Great Escape attraction will be open daily from May 27th until August 19th, 2017 from 10am-6pm before closing again for the Fall.

The Stitch meet and greet experience at the Magic Kingdom is also moving, relocating from Town Square to Tomorrowland on May 21st. Stitch will ow be located outside of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

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  1. Mikey p

    Are you still rumoring about the wreck it Ralph attraction soon, maybe for celebrate wdw’s 50th years?

    • Gregory N. Baker

      How about a permanent Guardians of the Galaxy meet and greet!!!!! The building is too small to do anything else!! OR a DVC info session jubilee!!!

  2. Why is it now opening when I was there for my birthday I was hoping to go on stiches greatest escape witch I was sad BECUSE it was closed and I’m really great fan of stich

  3. WWWD (What Would Walt Do?)

    Just put back Alien Encounter!!! One of the greatest Disney attractions of all time and it should never have closed. A Disney attraction that sprays “blood” on guests is nothing but awesome. Who cares if it traumatized little kids? It’s not Disney’s fault that overprotective parents and their little tyke are chicken. In fact CMs should have said “What’s wrong McFly? Chicken?” to angry parents, to take advantage of their personal weakness like Marty. Said parents would’ve frozen in their tracks slowly turned around, marched up to the CMs and furiously declared “Nobody calls me chicken!” At which point CMs would’ve said “Alright, prove it.”

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