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Epcot 25 Update

– It seems most of the poeple talking about Epcot merchandise for today were wrong as usual. One limited edition shirt, a Figment bean bag plush, and the wide assortment of pins were all that was released today. The line for the pins was at least 2 hours long, and even those who arrived from... Continue Reading

Epcot Birthday News

In response to the large amount of news that will be flowing into the site today, we will run headlines with the time they are posted. – Epcot celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary today. Happy Birthday Epcot!!! – The Fountainview Ice Cream location at Epcot is being painted blue as all of Future World central prepares... Continue Reading

One Last Time

For the last time ever, the Wonders of Life pavillion at Epcot is open for the Food And Wine Festival. The pavillion has been gutted and rethemed in some areas for the event. Continue Reading

Break The Walls Down

In an event that defines a generation (I’m joking), the tarps on the Japan pavillion of Epcot’s World Showcase have finally come down. The tarps have been in place in some shape for the last two years and were finally taken down earlier this week. The Japan pavillion looks completely new, and will probably look... Continue Reading

Tutto Italia Open

The replacement of the legendary Alfredo’s at Epcot has opened to luke warm receptions and food. From the few people I have spoken to about the restaurant, I’ve gathered that they didn’t really enjoy their meals. Don’t let this stop you from trying the restaurant, it is still only a few days old and is still... Continue Reading

National Treasures

The new exhibit entitled National Treasures will open in the American Adventure pavillion at Epcot on September 28th. The exhibit is said to be one of the most amazing colloections of Americana ever. We will have more coverage on this as it becomes available. Continue Reading

Italy Update

The entire backside of the Italy pavillion in Epcot’s World Showcase has been walled off in preperation for the new Tutto Italia restaurant that is replacing the fabled Alfredo’s. There is still no set opening date for the restaurant. Continue Reading

Chefs De France Review

Dining Review by Collin Korb         On our most recent visit to WDW we decided to take full advantage of the Dining Plan. There were three of us, two adults and one child, age 14.  The point is that we made a decision to try menu items that we normally wouldn’t order, especially since they... Continue Reading

Nine Dragons Refurbishment

The Nine Dragons Restaurant in the China pavillion of World Showcase is closing for refurbishment and a complete overhaul from 1/6- 7/31/2008. The restaurant will be changed, including menu and building changes during that time, but it remains unclear if the name will remain. We will have more on this as it becomes available. Continue Reading

We All Scream For…

The new Fountainview Ice Cream location at Epcot has been doing so well that it’s hours of operation have been increased to 12:30pm-8:30pm. We may never see breakfast at the Fountainview again unless the sometimes cold winter months slow buisness down at the Ice Cream Parlor. Continue Reading

O! pening

The new version of O Canada! opened over the weekend at Epcot’s Canada Pavillion. The new version is hosted by Martin Short and is much funnier, entertaining, and contemporary according to reviews and my own personal assesment. For those of you who loved it, the theme song has remained, although it is now a pop... Continue Reading

Goodbye Alfredo’s

Today is the last day of operation at Alfredo’s Di Roma in Epcot’s World Showcase. The Italy pavillion’s only eatery has been serving guests since October 1st, 1982. The restaurant opens tomorrow under a new name after almost 25 years of operation. Continue Reading

Inside Illuminations

Sparky LD returns with another behind the scenes look into the Walt Disney World theme parks. This time he reveals the inner-workings and amazing technology that brings Illuminations: Reflections of Earth to life every night at Epcot.        Video screens shaped like the continents wrap around a 400,000lb earth globe that floats onto the lagoon at Epcot. ... Continue Reading

O Canada Press Release

In September, Walt Disney World guests can glimpse today’s Canada in a 14-minute motion picture presented in CircleVision 360 as a major feature of the Canada pavilion in Epcot World Showcase. Titled “O Canada!” the updated film includes new scenes highlighting Canada’s natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities and diverse populace. In addition, the film is now... Continue Reading

A World Away

By: Carmine Torchetti             The World Showcase in Epcot houses some of the most interesting and ethnical aspects of Walt Disney World. It is indeed a classic area of the resort, comprising half the EPCOT theme park, including pavilions devoted to such countries as Italy, America, China, Japan, Morocco, Canada, England, and much more.  Indeed one of my favorite... Continue Reading

Wonders of Death Part 2

It is now official that the Wonder of Life pavillion at Epcot is gone forever. The signs from the exterior of the pavillion have been removed, both the giant DNA strand and the main sign. The final opening of the pavillion will be during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, during which the barren... Continue Reading

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