Breaking News Alert: Villains on the loose!

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We were afraid of this. We heard rumors of a country wide bad guy break out today. And it looks like it is true. Facts are still a bit cloudy right now, things are happening very fast. We are getting in pictures from eye witnesses as we speak. Villains are being spotted around the country… up to no good I bet. We will keep you updated as news breaks, but please be careful out there! And if you see any Villains, get a picture for us, but do NOT try to apprehend. They are considered armed and dangerous.

Update: 9:42pm EST
This is an URGENT news bulletin from Destination Vinylmation. We have been very wrong about our misunderstood Villain friends today. They come in peace and will do us no harm…. Is he gone? Good. Needless to say we were frightened when Prince John found our secret DV recording studio just outside of Orlando. He demanded air time, so we let him sit in on our podcast.

Please, whatever you do, do not underestimate these Villains! They are still out there! Find them all… before they find you! Good night everyone… we are signing off for tonight. We will be back with more news soon. If you don’t hear from us tomorrow… well, take care of yourselves.

Update: 9:21pm EST
Breaking News from Key West, Florida. An evil foe has been spotted soaking up some rays on the beach. An unnamed lifeguard on duty says he overheard Ratcliffe discuss plans to overthrow Rick Scott and take over the Governorship of the state. We are your source for updates about the Villains reign of terror today. Stay tunned…

Update: 9:06pm EST
We are still getting reports of Villains on the loose. But I’m beginning to think they are not all bad. Maybe they are just enjoying a day at the theme parks after being locked up for so long?

Update: 7:46pm EST
We got word from a Universal cast member that Miss de Ville was just enjoying the Harry Potter ride. I’ll give her that, it’s a great ride. But what is Stromboli doing down in Ft. Myers, Florida? Checking out the beaches? I don’t think so… thanks for the picture Cliff. Keep your distance, but keep your eye on him.

Update: 6:58pm EST
We have been tracking these bad guys all day and so far they have only caused minimal damage around Florida and the US. But this… this is just blasphemy. Is there no loyalty to Disney for these evil creatures? What evil could they be causing at Florida’s theme parks?

Update: 6:09pm EST
This is the best shot we’ve received of who we believe is the mysterious leader of the Villains. His crew has been wreaking havoc in Orlando today after busting out of jail. We thank this brave tourist for sending in this picture from outside the Arabian Knights dinner theater.

Update: 5:18pm EST
This photo from and anonymous source at NASA shows a Villain, looks like Shan Yu, hanging around Kennedy Space Center. Is he catching a shuttle launch or stealing national defense secrets? Keep on the look out for suspicious activity in your area today.

Update: 3:41pm EST
We received this photo from a camper in the forests of Ocala, Florida. It’s a bit blurry, but it looks as though our fearless contributer was rushed to snap this photo. It looks to be Mickey’s infamous arch-rival Pete walking around looking for trouble. It seems that Pete may have spotted this photographer, we hope he is OK. Stay safe people, hopefully these Villains will be rounded up quickly.

Update: 2:06pm EST
It looks like The Witch, we can only assume, is poisoning Florida’s Orange supply. How does this compare to her poisoning of Snow’s Apple? It is unfair at this time to compare the two crimes, but she needs to be brought to justice. Keep sending in your tips.

Update: 12:43pm EST
The baddies have been spotted slithering up the Florida Highways. Thanks to a brave motorist for risking his life snapping this pic for us. Where are they going? What do they want?

Update: 11:48am EST
What evil is brewing at the Florida Hotel? An anonymous hotel employee sent this photo in and says some shady characters have been checking in this morning.

Update: 10:57am EST
A Villain is spotted lurking around the Florida Mall in Orlando this morning.

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