Jae Brattain’s Disneyland Hotel Photo Report

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DLNT Podcaster Jae Brattian stayed at the Disneyland Hotel recently and was nice enough to give us a tour around his suite and around the hotel grounds including Trader Sam’s.

The room numbers have artwork in the background.  Another great touch by the Imagineers who re-designed the hotel.

The carpeting in the room features a pattern chock full of hidden Mickeys.

The living room of the suite.

The kitchen features a refrigerator and sink. (The basket and balloons were bought separately for a special occasion.  They are not included, but were delivered through Disney's Gift Services and waiting in the room.)

The torch lamps on the walls of the room were adorned with Mickey heads.  Very nice touch.

The suite includes a kitchen sink.

There were two bathrooms in this suite.  This one was located adjacent to the kitchen.

Each of the bathrooms have fresh carnation flowers in them.

The sink handles have Mickey heads at the end.  Totally cool!

The bedroom was quite spacious.  As shown by previous photo blogs, the headboard is absolutely magnificent.

The LED lights on the headboard are controlled by a special switch located on one of the lamps.  When you switch on the lights, it plays the song

The headboard all lit up.  At night, the hotel has a turn down service.  They leave you chocolates on your pillow. (The roses were for a special celebration and aren't normally provided.)

The headboard at night with all the lights turned off.  Very nice effect.

The picture on the wall of the bedroom shows Walt under Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  A great tribute to a great man.

The second bathroom located adjacent to the bedroom.

A view from the bedroom.  We stayed on the 10th floor of the hotel.  There are a total of 14 floors, so we were pretty high up.

The view from the living room.  You can see Downtown Disney, the Grand Californian Resort & Spa, the Paradise Pier Hotel, as well as parts of Disneyland and DCA.

The handle on the faucet tub.

Even the tile of the shower/tub had hidden Mickeys!

Some views of the construction.

You could see the yet-to-be-completed Cars Land from the room.

There was also an excellent view of the D-Ticket Pool area featuring the Monorail slides.

There was also an excellent view of the D-Ticket Pool area featuring the Monorail slides.

A closer shot of the jacuzzi area shows a special character shape.  Many people don't realize it from a ground-level view.

The D-Ticket Pool at night.  Very spectacular to see in person.

The lobby of the Wonder Tower features a Frontierland type theme.

All of the artwork feature Frontierland themes to tie in with the overall decoration.

The lobby also has a scale model of Big Thunder Railroad while in the concept stage.  It was very detailed to say the least.

Big Thunder Mountain in the Wonder/Frontierland Lobby

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at night.  The tiki torches add a nice touch.  They also have a live band playing Pacific Island style songs on certain nights of the week.

The pictures look bright because of the camera flash.  Inside is dimly lit to set the mood.

Anytime someone ordered a Mosquito Mojito (Strawberry rum, organic agave nectar, falernum, mint and freshly squeezed lime juice, topped with soda water), the bartender put on a bee keeper's mask and sprayed

This was one of the coolest things in the bar.  The

Some of the totem masks have moving eyes.  Much like the Enchanted Tiki Room, without any sound effects though.

The Hippopotomai-Tai - light and dark rums, orange curacao, almond syrup, organic agave nectar and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served in a souvenir tiki glass.  This drink is EXTREMELY SWEET!

This is the Schweitzer Falls - Tropical juices and Sam's Gorilla Grog topped with Sprite.  A very refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

The Tamarind-glazed island pork

On top of the middle island of the bar sits a nice bit of homage to Disney's Up.

The standard ship in the bottle... or is it?  When a switch is activated by the bartender, the ship scene changes to a monsoon storm with lightning and all.  The ship sways back and forth until it actually sinks into the water.  I don't know how they were able to achieve this effect, but it's totally awesome to see!

A photo of Walt and select Imagineers that went to South America in 1941.  The story of this group was told in the documentary

Paying respects to Harper Goff, one of the most legendary Disney Imagineers ever to live.

Not sure what this represented.  The wording on the letter was too small to read.

Nice little hidden gem inside the jungle boat ship.