ZoMG: Cars 2 at Carsland

In honor of Cars 2 movie release today, I took Mater & Lightning McQueen through California Adventure.
The wanted to see how progress is coming on Cars Land which is scheduled to open in 2012!
First I took them to the Blue Sky cellar to see how plans were coming and what Cars Land is going to look like! They couldn’t be more happy with the result. Looks just like home!
I then took them to see the list of rides. Mater was thrilled that he gets his own ride!
Mater and McQueen then peeked over the construction walls to see how things are coming along.

Lastly we went to see some of the Cars art that they have placed throughout California Adventure on the walls hiding the construction. Mater and McQueen can’t wait to drive back over in 2012 and check out the final product for¬†themselves!

– Zoe