Upcoming Vinylmation Spotlight: Movie Based Mystery Sets

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This is part of a series of articles spotlighting the Vinylmation that were previewed at this year’s annual Walt Disney World Pin and Vinylmation trading and merchandise event, “The Imagination Gala.” The event was held at Epcot’s World Showplace from September 5-9, 2014. Today we look at the movie based mystery sets we will see over the coming months.

Disney Design Group artist Thomas Scott said on Sunday that the blind box mystery series is still the foundation of the hobby. At the Imagination Gala, he announced a few new blind box mystery sets based on both classic and brand new Disney films. Let’s take a look.

Peter Pan

8 Figure blind box set
Release Date: June 2015

We did not get to see much, but the artwork of half of Peter Pan’s face peeking over the side of the box is enough to hook me. (get it? hook me…) Also, knowing this series is in the hands of Caley Hicks and DDG’s best character artist Ron Cohee, I think we will be in Neverland with this set.

Imagination Gala 2014 354b

There are a few things I need from this series. First, a really amazing Captain Hook… WITH A HOOK ACCESSORY. I also want mermaids. Caley should be able to give us some really good ones. There are a few ways to go. I’d love a scene of Mermaid Lagoon. But a single mermaid with variants works too. Wendy, Michael and Peter are practically a given. Then there is one thing I do not want, a 3″ Tinker Bell. Not needed.


8 figure blind box set
Release Date: January 2015

This set wins the award for the most unnecessary one previewed at the event. We already have a great Storybook combo set of all the main characters, complete with a wonderful prince and Cinderella and perhaps one of the finest accessories of all time… a glass slipper. That said, Enrique Pita drew up some fine artwork for this Disney Store series.

Imagination Gala 2014 340b

Imagination Gala 2014 341b

Imagination Gala 2014 343b

I’m biased, because this film is way down on my personal favorite’s list, but if you have been collecting Vinylmation for a while, you probably have most of these figures already. Fairy Godmother may look odd with a turned head. I will say Lady Tremaine is better than the Villains version. Lucifer is spot on to his Whiskers and Tales counterpart. Then we have a Bruno who is a nice addition. Then we get to the three cindy’s. Can anyone say EACHEZ?! This is what Eachez was made for! No need for another Cinderella set. The art is cool on the Cinderellas, but it would make an amazing Eachez.


101 Dalmatians

8 figure blind box set
Release Date: December 2014

What are you thinking Enrique!? Another Disney Store release will be 101 Dalmatians. Again, not speaking to the artwork, but this is just boring. If you want to do these characters, trickle them into the Animation series.

Imagination Gala 2014 334b

Imagination Gala 2014 336b

Imagination Gala 2014 337b

Cruella looks great. Maybe our finest one yet. Nice artwork on Roger and Anita. But I don’t need to by blind boxes and get another Dalmatian. I have some already and I’m not good enough to tell them apart.

Big Hero 6

8 figure blind box set
Release Date: Fall 2014

This series is based on the upcoming Disney Studios animated film based on the Marvel Comics property, Big Hero 6. The movie will be released on November 7, 2014, so expect a set release date around that time. I am warming up to this film the more I see trailers, and the artwork on these figures is like nothing we have in Vinlymation. It is in an anime style and seems spot on to the comic.

Imagination Gala 2014 323b

Imagination Gala 2014 324b

Imagination Gala 2014 327b

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