VIDEO: Tinker Bell Takes Flight, Guests Play with Shadows, and Clapping Creates Pixie Dust in New Peter Pan’s Flight Interactive Queue

A few weeks back, we took you on a tour of the new standby queue at Peter Pan’s Flight at the Magic Kingdom. Well, earlier today, some of the interactive elements were turned on for guests to enjoy. In the following video, you’ll see Tinker Bell fly around and move items in the room, guests interacting with their projected shadows on the wall, and guests clapping to create a storm of Pixie Dust all over themselves (and me):

Today marked the first test of the interactive elements in the queue and many members of Walt Disney Imagineering were on hand to see guests play with the items for the first time. The queue should officially open on a permanent basis once this test and adjust period is over in a few days.

So, what do you think?

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