First Look At “Star Wars Rebels” Characters For Disney Infinity 3.0


The announcement of  “Star Wars” coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 made many Star Wars fans very happy. We have seen characters announced from both “The Original Trilogy” and “The Prequels” but it turns out that the Disney Infinity Team wasn’t quite done.  Now the newest group of Star Wars characters to join Disney Infinity 3.0 is from the hit Disney XD series, “Star Wars Rebels.”


Star Wars Rebels was decided really early on,” Lucasfilm’s brand creative director Hez Chorba tells “It’s an important part of the saga and our entire team is proud of the stories being told in the series. That’s when we got to, ‘We need these characters.’” The Star Wars Rebels characters that are making the jump to Disney Infinity action-figure form include Jedi-with-a-secret-past Kanan, Jedi-to-be Ezra, hot-headed alien Zeb, and explosives expert/graffiti artist Sabine. There’s more to adapting them to this line of toys, however, than one might think. A lot more.

The addition of Star Wars Rebels to Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition — and the care taken with that addition — illustrates just how important the series and its characters are to the Star Wars universe. In the game and in figure form, Sabine, Zeb, Ezra, and Kanan stand proudly with the galaxy’s most popular icons. “I’m super excited that we’re doing Rebels justice, the right way,” Chorba says. “We’re only expanding on something already great.” This is not the last stop in a galaxy far, far away for Disney Infinity, though. Quite the opposite.

“The cool thing is,” Bunker says, “there’s a lot coming down the road. I just want to ride the wave.”

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