Review: Put Me In The Story’s “Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide” Children’s Book

I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of Put Me In The Story’s new book, “Avengers’s: Black Ops Field Guide”. Geared towards children, this is a unique way of personalizing an adventure just for your young ones. You get to enter in their name, photo, and even a dedication in an easy to use online format, and then order a hard copy of the book with all of the info sprinkled throughout. It’s a really cool idea, but since I don’t have any kids of my own to dedicate the book to, I had to get creative. I chose to dedicate it to myself from Nick Fury.

marvel field guide 01

The first thing you see right on the front cover is some of the most popular Marvel characters with your name underneath. It’s a great way to make you feel involved right from the beginning, like this is your own personal guide to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

marvel field guide 02

Opening it up, the first thing you get is a page that can be ripped out, with a name tag that includes your own photo and identification info. Pretty cool! Next comes the dedication, which is more info that is filled out online beforehand, followed by a special decoder used to decipher secret messages throughout the book. This is all followed by a special message from Nick Fury himself (I guess, in my case, this is my second message from Nick Fury).

marvel field guide 03 marvel field guide 04

Next up is the Mission Brief, which is the heart and soul of the book. It explains to you all the information that is going to be included with each hero throughout the book, as well as the scoring system. It looks a little confusing at first, but once you start going through the almost endless pages of heroes, it all starts to make sense.

marvel field guide 05

I could see a child looking through this for hours, trying to learn everything they can about their favorite heroes (and villains!!!). There’s even space for you to write in your own “notes” about each hero or villains, which I’ll definitely be working on later. I included some of my favorite pages in pictures below.

marvel field guide 06 marvel field guide 07 marvel field guide 08 marvel field guide 09

At the very end of the book is a chance for you to evaluate yourself! You can choose to be “sneaky” like Black Widow, “strong” like the Hulk, or a combination of both. You can use this to see how you stack up next to your favorite heroes.

marvel field guide 10

After going through my own personal “Field Guide”, I think this would be an awesome gift for any young Marvel fan. Put Me In The Story does a great job of really personalizing this to make it feel like your own, and I can’t believe how quickly the book came to me after I placed my order. The decoder at the beginning is really cool, and its fun to use at the end of every page. Also, there’s a great assortment of characters here, and I love that even some villains made an appearance. To order your copy of the Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide head over to

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