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Rumor: Is This The New Spider-Man Suit That Will Be Shown In “Captain America: Civil War?”


The above image havs been floating around on the internet and some sites are saying that this could be what Spider-Man will look like in “Civil War”. I definitely have my doubts as do other sites. So what are we looking at? The rumors for a few months is that in “Civil War” we will see a Spider-Man costume that we have never seen before. Also it will be very classic Spider-Man. Most people believe that we will see a red and black costume as opposed to the familiar red and blue costume. Spider-Man’s first costume was red and black so I could definitely see that.

But there are a bunch of red flags with these images. First people are saying that this image was done by an artist back in 2012 and found on Deviantart. I really cant see an established Spider-Man being introduced with toe-less socks. I dont think that would go over well with the masses.


A few weeks ago, an account from the Russo Brothers appeared and posted an image (above) apparently giving hints to the new Spider-Man costume. You can see that in the above image that it seems to hint at goggles for Spider-Man, maybe. This kind of looks like it connects to the drawn image that was leaked above. The problem is that the Russo Brothers have not confirmed that this is their actual Twitter account and even director James Gunn has come out and said that this account is fake.

The First Appearance Of Spider-Man In Amazing Fantasy #15


We will definitely be seeing a new Spider-Man costume in “Civil War” and I would even bet that we will see two. The big question is Spider-Man going to just have a small cameo or be an active participant? I’m really hoping for the later.

Source: Latino Review

Hugh Jackman Seems To Confirm “Wolverine 3″ Will Be “Old Man Logan”


While at the Fox Panel at the San Diego Comic Con, Hugh Jackman made the following announcement, “I’ve got three words for you guys: Old Man Logan!”  Hugh Jackman also posted the above photo this week on Twitter asking the fans,


Most of the responses were there words: “Old Man Logan”. The fans want it, seems like Hugh wants it and it since this will be Hugh Jackman’s last film where he will play Wolverine, I’d expect “Old Man Logan” to be officially announced soon. Hopefully this will open the door where Fox and Marvel can agree on a deal that is similar to the Sony and Marvel deal. Old Man Logan really needs the Hulk in this because his character and family are very prominent in the comic book. It would be nice if Marvel could get the Fantastic Four and X-Men for “Infinity War” and Fox get the Marvel characters they need for “Old Man Logan.” Let’s see how “Fantastic Four does at the box office and if that bombs it could open the door for an agreement.

Source: Hugh Jackman on Twitter

A Look At “Wasp’s” Suit From “Ant-Man”


During the after credit scene that played in “Ant-Man”, we got our first look at Hope Van Dyne’s (Evangeline Lilly) Wasp suit and now we get our first clear look. Rumors have been floating around that she will play a role in future Phase 3 movies. It could be “Captain America: Civil War” but more than likely we will see her in “Avengers: Infinity War”.

The original Wasp/Janet Van Dyne’s costume:


Source: io9

Who’s Side Will Hawkeye Be On In “Captain America: Civil War”?


Jeremy Renner was seen wearing a baseball cap that read, “Team Captain America”, so it seems pretty obvious that he will be no fan of Iron Man in “Civil War”. Iron Man is definitely being set up to look like the bad guy in this and it does make me wonder, who will be on Iron Man’s side? Maybe a newcomer dressed in a spider suit?

Source: Comic Book Movie

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