PHOTOS, VIDEO: La Nouba Trapeze Artists Practicing For Historic Trick

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On Thursday, March 31ST, Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba, in partnership with Experience Kissimmee, will stream LIVE via Facebook Live and Periscope as the energetic Trapeze troupe attempts two rarely performed tricks that only a handful of Trapeze artists have accomplished. The “Double Double & ½ Layout to the Legs” is an extremely skillful maneuver that includes a 2 ½ backward layout with a twist, all performed within seconds before the artists is caught by his legs. The second trick will be a “Quadruple” layout, which is rumored to be completed less than 20 times in the 150 year history of Trapeze.


On Tuesday afternoon, I was able to attend a special behind the scenes performance that showed the trapeze artists practicing for this Thursday night’s record breaking performance.


Not only was I able to witness their performance from the audience seats, but I was also taken seven stories above the arena for a amazing view from the rafters and actually above the performers themselves.


After the practice was over, I got to meet the trapeze artists and I was stunned to find out that most of them were second and third generation trapeze performers with the art-form being a passion that was shared with them at a very young age by their families. Only two member will try to break the record but they all are confident and have no doubt that a record will be broken Thursday night.


If you happen to be at Disney Springs this Thursday (or watching the worldwide live stream which La Nouba will be providing) be sure to check out Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba and cheer on the amazingly talented team of trapeze artists as they look to become a part of history!


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