LISTEN: The Jedi, Hero & Princess Podcast #017 – Popcorn Dale is Life

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We all have tales of adventure to tell on this edition of JHP… Zoe bumps kids out of the way at a claw machine, Nick tests out purses at Kate Spade and Brendt cordons off an area at Toys R Us to search for Marvel Tsums. Zoe talks about the Disneyland reaction to the coming entertainment changes, Nick wonders if they can still call them mugs if they have no handles, and Brendt rejoices about Guardians of the Galaxy. We go shopping with Zoe. We talk Star Wars with Nick. And Brendt gets us up to date on all things Marvel. We also keep you up to date on merchandise like Pins, Vinyls and Disney Store goodies.

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The Jedi, Hero and Princess is a biweekly podcast about all things Disney, Star Wars and Marvel. There are plenty places to get the latest news and commentary of the day, but JHP offers fun, lively, casual discussions about things going on across the Disney universe. Each show, go Shopping with Zoe and find out some of the coolest and often most adorable products out there. Brendt fills us in on Marvel comics, TV, movies and merchandise. And Nick finds some of the best stories in the galaxy. JHP has competitions, keeps you up to date on the latest collectibles and at the end of each show, the fan favorite “Most Embarrassing Moment Since the Last Podcast.” Subscribe to JHP on iTunes

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