Panasonic Becomes the Official Projection Technology of Disney Parks; Possible Implications of Deal

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Projection technology at Disney Parks could potentially change in a big way thanks to a new partnership between The Walt Disney company and Panasonic.

Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Disney and Panasonic announced their official 10 year partnership that makes Panasonic the “Official Projection Technology” of Disney Parks in Florida and California.

The agreement gives Disney access to all of Panasonic’s latest in projection technology. The goal is to offer park guests a better entertainment experience, perhaps implying that rather than simply supplying projection technology to Disney as before, Panasonic will now create projection technology specific for Disney Parks.

While Panasonic projection technology has already been in place throughout Disney Parks for years, featured in attractions such as the Magic Kingdom’s The Haunted Mansion, Disney now plans to use it for upcoming attractions such as the Na’vi River Journey in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom.

Panasonic senior managing director Yasuji Enokido also mentioned the company’s interest in bringing more technology to Disney Parks outside of projectors. Enokido mentioned the possibility of implementing Panasonic’s new light ID technology, which can essentially read information from a device emitting light to read specific information. Think QR reader, but faster, easier, and way more efficient.

For example, this technology could potentially be used at Disneyland in California to read FastPasses off guest’s smartphones. It could also be used in shops and restaurants by allowing guests to instantly check prices and information about a product by holding up their device to the item.

Who knows what Panasonic and Disney have planned with this new partnership!