PleyBox Launching Disney Princess Mystery Box Subscription Service

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Mystery Box subscription service PleyBox has partnered with Disney to create a new line of Disney Princess themed mystery boxes.

The introductory box is themed to Beauty and the Beast and comes with six figures, a tiara, a magazine, and a t-shirt. This is where things get really interesting, though. The box itself, serves as a play set for the figures. Rather than simply discarding the shipping box, the box will include instructions explaining how to create a makeshift castle out of the cardboard. PleyBox refers to this as “Pleycycle,” a way to reuse and keep their products eco friendly.

PleyBox is a subscription service similar to popular services like Loot Crate. Individual boxes, like the one shown above, can be purchased for $24.99. If you opt for the subscription service, you’ll receive a random themed box every other month. For example, sign up now to get the Beauty and the Beast PleyBox, then in April you may get a Cinderella themed box, or perhaps a Princess and the Frog themed box.

Each box is available in limited quantities, and at the time of writing this, there are only 100 Beauty and the Beast boxes left. You can sign up at

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