Circle With Disney Now Supports Amazon’s Alexa and More

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Circle With Disney is rolling out a handful of new features, including Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, making it a more powerful parental control device for families.

Known simply as Circle Connections, these updates and features will begin to come out over the course of the year. With this new system, parents will be able to connect with new partner apps that support the Circle With Disney application for iOS and Android.

Here is a list of the new features that will be coming to Circle With Disney:

  • Chores: This feature will allow parents to partition kid’s time with internet connected devices using apps MotherShp and ChoreMonster, making devices inaccessible until certain “chores” have been completed.
  • Assistant: This will allow parents to connect their Amazon Alexa voice assistant to be able to ask questions regarding their kids devices and internet usage.
  • Activity: Connecting with Misfit’s activity tracker, parents can set goals for their kids to accomplish in order to earn more time with their devices.
  • Driving: Using the app Automatic, parents will be able to deactivate teen’s smartphones while driving in order to prevent their teens from using their phone behind the wheel.
  • Social: Using RAKKOON, parents can monitor what their kids do on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage, and even notify parents if their child comes across any inappropriate content.
  • Automation: With IFTTT, Circle With Disney can be used to adjust and control tons of smart home apps throughout the house. This will be useful for those that use smart home appliances that allow them to change light colors or adjust the thermostat.

Circles With Disney is a parental control device that allows parents to set restrictions and standards for their kids using an app on their phone. Parents can restrict access based on age range, as well as other factors, and can even completely shut a device down all through the app when connected to home Wi-Fi.