REVIEW: Apple Cranberry Cobbler and Cookies ‘N’ Cream Olaf Sundae at Hollywood Scoops, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Scoops on Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now offering two holiday specials for the Flurry of Fun: an Apple Cranberry Cobbler and an Olaf Sundae.

Apple Cranberry Cobbler ($4.29)

The apple cranberry cobbler is quite good if you enjoy such things. It was served nice and warm in a metal tin, featuring a lot of apple with traces of cranberry, covered in breadcrumbs and icing. This was one of the highlights of all the new offerings we had at the Studios.

Olaf Sundae ($5.99)

The Olaf Sundae features cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, decorated with chocolate chip buttons, chocolate straw arms, and an Olaf white chocolate decoration, all on top of a jelly-filled, powdered-sugar covered doughnut.

Once we hit the jelly, I enjoyed this more, but hard-packed ice cream on a pastry just isn’t as good as soft serve would be. Maybe a different flavor other than cookies ‘n’ cream would be better, but otherwise, this was pretty large for the price and probably something the kids would enjoy nonetheless.




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