An In-Depth Look at Disneyland’s Main Street Trolley Track Project

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There have been a lot of great construction updates recently, and the most recent Disneyland update can be found here, but I wanted to take a moment to focus on a specific area of construction: the Main Street trolley tracks.

As I was passing through this week, a conversation caught my attention. I heard a Cast Member talking to some guests about track construction and he had some interesting new insight. He said that Disneyland has been trying to overhaul their Main Street tracks for about 20 years now. When I asked him what changed, he said that there’s been a technological advancement. Bending pieces of track used to take a couple months for each section. Technology has advanced to the point that the same job now only takes a couple hours. I asked for some clarification on the process, and he said that while he isn’t the best person to explain the new technology, he can say that they’re able to do what would have been 9 months of work in a matter of 2 months now. “We’re seizing the opportunity!”

I asked him about what the horses are up to these days, and he said, “They’re being horses. Enjoying their break.” He stated several of the horses still get some work at the resort from Fairytale Weddings bookings over the next few weeks as well.

He continued, informing me that in addition to the new tracks, they are also laying some bricks down, which will be better for the horses and protect their hooves. The larger rail will also make cars easier to pull. For further information, he directed visitors to walk along the walls and read the signs, which include details on Walt’s hub-and-spokes philosophy and some beautiful artwork.

In conclusion, he said, “It’s kind of amazing! We’re all excited here, and it’s like Walt said… It’s kind of fun to do the impossible! So… we’re doing it!”



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