PHOTO REPORT: Disney California Adventure 3/13/18 (PIXAR Pier, Food and Wine Festival, New Merchandise, Rainy Night in Cars Land, ETC.)

Our latest trip out west brings us to Disney California Adventure…

Welcome Racers

Since Paradise Pier is gone, the insufferable “smiling faces” map for DCA was changed to Radiator Springs Racers.

No day at California Adventure is complete without a breakfast pit stop at Flo’s.

“We wants the red Camaro!”

Our personal favorite is the french toast, but we miss the spicy breakfast burrito that was offered last summer.

The Horn-O-Plenty has stuck around since it was added for Halloween in Cars Land. I’m not sure how this makes sense outside of the Fall/Holiday seasons.

The Vyloos, which were just added to the queue at Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, now have their own pin which is actually branded for the ride. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the video below:

The Disney California Food and Wine Festival is in full swing (in case you’ve missed all of our reviews and Tom’s Top 7 items from the event).

I’ve seen a lot of custodial art, but this cast member was pretty amazing. He drew some other rare characters, not just Dante. Sadly, some guests had walked through those…

Merchandise is an Adventure

As part of the Passport collection, Disney California Adventure has an exclusive line of merchandise.


Yup, Paradise Pier is on it.

This tumbler is $22.99.

Art of Disney locations are now selling these “Hallmark-esque” paperweights and such.

Paradise Lost

The conversion of Paradise Pier to PIXAR Pier continues.

Guests will be welcomed by an animated figure of the LUXO Jr. lamp when work on the bridge is done.

The conversion of California Screamin’ to the Incredicoaster continues.

King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea, an opening day attraction, closed to make way for Jessie’s Critter Carousel.

The Paradise Pier restrooms remain open for now.

The painting of the Fun Wheel has begun; you can see the teal portions through the scaffolding.

The Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co. will become The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats.

The replacement for the Treasures in Paradise store still has yet to be announced.

The Cove Bar will open for Spring Break before closing again to become the Lamplight Lounge.

The Paradise Pier billboards are history.

Concept art of the Incredicoaster entrance sits on the construction walls. The waterfall looks nice, but it will completely block the view from that side of the carousel.

The marquee for California Screamin’ was finally taken down.

A peek behind the walls, where the entrance once stood.

The Toy Story Mania building is getting painted to new, brighter colors.

The exterior walls of Ariel’s Grotto were ripped down to the bare steel.

This and That

Why is Popcone just about the only Cozy Cone closed in the morning?

I refuse to live in a society where we can have churros and ice cream at 10am, but not popcorn!

California Eatin’

Annual Passholder merchandise from the Food and Wine Festival and beyond can be found in the Elysian Arcade, basically in the Kingswell Camera shop.


You’ll also find this Passholder exclusive pin for $14.99.

Select items can be embroidered with the AP logo, SO ANYTHING CAN BE AN AP ITEM!

Leftover items from past events are available as well.

Only Annual Passholders can get the Sip and Savor Pass to save on select items at the Festival. The pass is $45, so be careful to not use the tabs on items under $5.75 to get the best value.

There is plenty of merchandise for this year’s event.

Mike Peraza created a wonderful festival art piece featuring Bacchus from Fantasia.

You can meet the artists (and have your purchases signed by them) tucked in the corner between Monsters Inc. and the Hyperion Theater.

The AP Corner is adjacent to the Sunset Showcase Theater.

Here, annual passholders can meet a character and get a free button.

The Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down, Down

Dark skies over the park threatened guests with rain. I was actually pretty excited as I had never been to the park in the rain.

Someone brought in a patio umbrella…

Rainy Cars Land was everything I hoped it would be.

Even living in Orlando where it rains most of the summer, I’ve never seen light-up wet floor cone. Apparently most surfaces at these parks aren’t designed with this weather in mind.

World of Color is still great, even with the Fun Wheel in rough shape. Sadly, the show will go dark next month for a bit.


With daily performances at the Paradise Park stage, this rigging is directly in the view of the expensive World of Color dessert parties. I would ask for a refund personally.

Kids (and adults) can make a chef’s hat during the festival.

Bringing You A Disney Afternoon

A line of Disney Afternoon ladies apparel was released. Check it all out here.

We saw a number of damaged flowers in Cars Land. It is sad that guests do these things.

A new print for sale featuring Disneyland food.

A new kids shirt for sale.

C ya real soon!