REVIEW: Avocado Time Festival Marketplace at the 2018 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

What time is it boys and girls? Why, it’s avocado time, of course!

Avocado & Pepper Jack Petite Guacamole Burger, $7.75

While rather tasty, this slider is rather small for the price. It’s also not that inventive – I’ve had guac on a burger many times. There are many other great dishes at the festival we’d recommend, but if you just have to eat a burger, you could do worse we suppose.

Spiced Oumph!® on Pita with Avocado Hummus and Garlic Sauce, $6.00

We really had no idea what this was, nor what to expect. It turns out that Oumph is a plant-based protein source invented in Sweden and apparently served on license plates (yup, click the link). I couldn’t tell you what it tasted like on its own, but coupled with the avocado hummus and garlic sauce, this dish was surprisingly good. So good, in fact, it almost make it into the Top 7 new items this year.

Avocado Ice Cream Bar, $4.50

Last year, the weird ice cream offering of the festival was the garlic-rosemary and avocado oil ice cream pop at the Garlic Kissed booth. Although that booth returns this year, the dessert does not, unfortunately. Instead, we have this avocado ice cream bar. Believe it or not, I’ve actually had avocado ice cream before, and this bar is a pretty good version of it. Not something I’d buy a box of to keep in my freezer, but a refreshing, not-too-sweet take on the traditional ice cream bar. It’s a decent size, and thus at $4.50 it is a comparable value to other ice cream treats sold in the parks.

Kickback Michelada with Flavors of Pineapple and Lime, $9.75

There are three booths at the festival this year selling some version of a michelada. While I like beer, mixing it with tomato juice is just not my thing. If you like this sort of beverage, great. But if not, just go for the beer, or one of the alcoholic beverages that made our Top 7 new items list.

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