REVIEW: Satuli Canteen in Pandora – The World of AVATAR Now Offers Combination Meat Bowls, Sampler Platter

New at Satuli Canteen, guests can now find a Combination Grilled Beef and Chicken Bowl, no longer having to make the often tough decision between the two.

Combination Grilled Beef and Chicken Bowl ($15.99)

We were a bit concerned by how much more this was than either the beef or the chicken bowl, as the portion size is considerably larger than a normal single serving.

So basically, they have created a mixed meat dish big enough to share. The quality is still as good as ever, so for thoughts on all of the proteins, bases, and sauces, please check out our initial review of lunch and dinner at Satuli Canteen.

It is also worth noting that Medium is not the only option for the beef anymore as you can also select Well Done if ordering on mobile, should you prefer it that way.

Satuli Sampler Platter ($74.99)

Introduced a few months back, we did try the Satuli Sampler Platter back in November as well (and I never got around to writing about it, so this seems like a good time to).

It includes 4 proteins, 4 drinks, and a sampling of all of the bases and sauces (and a stack of the ubiquitous slaw with boba balls) for $74.99. You can get multiple of any protein that you want, but we went for the true sampler featuring one portion of each.

I’m not sure who this is aimed at, maybe an indecisive family or group visiting the restaurant that wants to try everything. A number of guests have dropped this monstrosity, so the cast members will bring it to your table for you.

There’s probably 6 bowls worth of proteins here, but it is a little light on the bases. I would gladly surrender some of the meat to get more of any of the bases as it just seems a little off balance. As far as money is concerned, this is basically $85 worth of food (and included drinks) for $75, so there is some value to it if you’re traveling with a small tribe.

A rather generous portion of the sauces is available, but you can always ask for more if need be.

The only real downside besides the uneven portions is the heat of the food. With the meal not combined into a bowl and the meats sitting out on a flat tray, the proteins can get cold real quick. While a sampler meal is a good idea, I can’t imagine that it was thought all the way through. This is probably where the idea for the combination bowl came from. Again, please refer to the original review for our thoughts on all of the proteins, sauces, and bases.

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