Fairfax Faire

Fairfax Fare Testing Breakfast at Hollywood Studios Starting April 22

Fairfax Fare

Starting April 22nd, Fairfax Fare at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will begin testing a breakfast menu. The test is expected to last for two weeks. We’re excited to check out the new menu featuring…

  • Hot oatmeal and fresh berries with brown sugar and maple glaze
  • Loaded scrambled eggs with chorizo peppers onions and potatoes.
  • “Breakfast on a bun” with eggs, ham, Swiss and spinach in an herb cheese-smeared onion roll
  • Freshly baked pastry basket featuring miniature baked goods.
  • Fresh fruit, yogurt, bagels, beverages, and a kids scrambled eggs and potatoes will be available as well.

The regular lunch menu will resume daily at 11:30AM.