A Bug’s Land Hosts the Blueberry Scout Jamboree for Pixar Fest at Disney California Adventure

bugs land, pixarfest sign, blueberry scout jamboree
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Something exciting has hopped its way into Disney California Adventure! Bugs Land is playing host to the Blueberry Scout Jamboree!

bugs land, pixarfest sign, blueberry scout jamboree

The Jamboree activities can all be found beneath the huge banner near the entrance. For the festival, guests can meet Flik and Atta, get their faces painted, and complete a cool scavenger hunt for a fun prize!

bugs land, pixarfest, blueberry scout jamboree, bugs life

We’ll help you prepare, but no spoilers! We wouldn’t want to give you a peek at our completed map! Every Disneyland Cast Member knows that they have to earn their ears… or in this case, antennae!

bugs land ears, bugs life ears, pixarfest ears, bugs land scavenger hunt

The rest of Bugs Land is all decked out for the Blueberry Scout Jamboree as well! Look for cute Jamboree signs along several signposts in the land. Here are a few that we found!

blueberry scout jamboree sign, bugs land sign, bugs life, pixarfest sign

Only the “Bestest Toughest” Blueberry Scouts will be able to complete this scavenger hunt on their own! Some of the questions are pretty tough!

bugs land sign, blueberry scout jamboree sign, pixarfest sign

With tons of teamwork, we managed to complete our scavenger hunt!!

bigs land s igns, pixarfest signs, blueberry jamboree signs

Now, watch me drop some really impressive knowledge on you…. There are 74 clovers in Bugs Land but only one of them is a Four Leaf! Do you know where it is? We do!

bugs land, pixarfest, dca decoration

Remember, team! The Blueberry Scouts have a Can Do attitude! If you need a little help finding the clover, we left a little hint in the bottom corner of the picture for you but it’s too much fun to completely give it away for you!

bugs land sign, pixarfest sign, dca sign, bugs land, blueberry scout jamboree sign

Here’s our final hint: The Heimlich on the scavenger hunt is NOT the one found on the Choo Choo train ride, so keep your eyes peeled for another sighting! Happy hunting, Jamboree Scouts, and be sure to take one final ride on any of your favorites before we say a permanent goodbye to Bugs Land!

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