REVIEW: Casey’s Corner Monthly Hot Diggity Dog for May Goes Aztecan

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Continuing the trend of hip hot dogs at the Magic Kingdom, we went over to Casey’s Corner this week to try the monthly hot dog… or in this case, hot diggity dog.

The monthly hot dog for May is the Aztec Hot Diggity Dog which features an All-Beef Hot Dog topped with Sweet-and-Spicy Ground Beef with a Creamy Elote (Mexcian Grilled Corn) mixed with Spicy Lime Mayo and Grated Parmesan cheese. Doesn’t this sound appetizing?

This hot dog really doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s kind of like what would happen if Casey’s Corner and Pecos Bill had a baby. It has a lot going on, and, unfortunately, it is awful.

The photo on the menu board has a sprinkling of shredded parmesan cheese. The actual hot dog we received is covered with grated (i.e. cardboard) parmesan cheese, probably in an attempt to cover up the taste of everything else that is going on in there.

If you find yourself willing to subject your digestive system to this monstrosity, make your way over to Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom this month. We got the regular size which is $10.99 but there is a foot-long version available for $12.49.


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