the Millennial Pink Macaron from the Disneyland Resort

REVIEW: Millennial Pink Macaron at the Disneyland Resort: Pretty to Look At, But…

The Millennial Pink craze continues here at Disneyland Resort with a Millennial Pink Macaron. This pastry can be found at Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe at Disneyland. In Disney California Adventure, you can find it at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream and at Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe.

Millennial Pink Macaron – $5.99

The menu standee for the Millennial Pink Macaron at the Disneyland Resort

Like its counterpart before it, the Rose Gold Macaron, this light and airy cookie sandwich has a flavorful filling. Only instead of it being filled with strawberry compote and lemon verbena butter cream, this particular one has a strawberry buttercream and coconut-lime jelly filling. To top it off, it’s dipped in white chocolate. The combination of flavor sounds like you’re in for a delectable treat, right?

the Millennial Pink Macaron from the Disneyland Resort

While on paper it appears to be a fancy treat, it lacked in that aspect when it came to the authenticity. They didn’t use real strawberries to flavor the buttercream, and the scent of artificial strawberry flavoring was obvious and unpleasant. In fact, the odor was so strong that without physically dipping your finger into the center of the cookie, it was difficult to tell that there was any of the coconut-lime jelly flavoring. Also, with all the flavor combinations happening, it didn’t need the addition of white chocolate.

So, the Millennial Pink Macaron definitely brightens up your plate with its whimsy exterior, and is very “Instagrammable”, but as something you’d want to snack on and attempt to finish, it doesn’t hold up to its look.

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