REVIEW: Pixar Lemon Raspberry Cake and Cake Pops (Up, Nemo, Dory, Luxo Ball)

Pixar Fest came to town with an entourage of sweets. The Pixar Fest cake and various cake pops around the Disneyland Resort really caught my attention.

I kicked off my cake celebration by trying a slice of the Pixar Lemon Raspberry Cake.

This Instagram-worthy fruity cake is layered with a light cream cheese frosting, topped with a swirl of buttercream frosting and a white chocolate Luxo dome.

After devouring this monster serving, I walked it off by hunting down a few Pixar favorites in cake-pop form.

The Grape Soda Merit Badge was the most intimidating of my haul. I do enjoy grape-flavored drinks and candies, so I was pleased to find the flavor similar to grape cream soda on the inside.

Nemo and Dory were the most surprising of the bunch. These densely made chocolate cake pops were accented with marshmallow fluff and sour-strip fins. I enjoy sour candies, so it was a wonderful surprise.

The Luxo Ball was made of vanilla, which is usually the flavor of choice around the resort. It reminded me of cake batter in both taste and consistency.

You can find these treats wherever cake pops are sold throughout the resort for $5.49 a piece.

I do look forward to seeing what new characters are unveiled as we creep closer to the unveiling of Pixar Pier!