REVIEW: Sulley Milkshake From Schmoozies At Disney California Adventure

When Disneyland Resort holds a temporary event, one of my favorite parts always comes in the form of all the new food they put out! And Pixar Fest is no exception; today, I got the opportunity to try one of the brand new options. Located at Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure, the Sulley Shake is a Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake themed after Monsters Inc. (obviously).

NOTE: I made the probably unwise decision to purchase this when I got to the park first thing in the morning, around 10am. I would DEFINITELY not recommend anyone else do the same, as thing is a LOT of sugar.

The shake is a really beautiful shade of blue, and as you can see in the cover photo, makes for a great picture opportunity. When it comes to the flavor, it’s pretty good. It’s a solid, but basic mint chocolate chip milkshake, with some cookie crumbles thrown in for good measure. I’d give it a stir before digging in, as my first couple of sips before doing so were REALLY liquidy; almost a watery consistency.

On its own, it’s pretty good; however, when comparing it to the rest of the options available throughout the Disneyland Resort (Gibson Girl on Main Street, Clarabelle’s in Toontown and Buena Vista Street, Adorable Snowman in Pixar Pier, etc.), it’s definitely one of the lesser options. I’d probably only recommend it to the die-hard Passholders looking to try all of the food options available in the parks. It’s not bad by any means! It’s just a very basic shake compared to how amazing everything else is.