REVIEW: Milkshakes, Ice Teas, and Fresh Lemonade at Renewed Victoria’s in Disneyland Paris

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.
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Recently, Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Paris opened with a new set-up. The counter service restaurant takes place in an 1890’s boarding house, with a Victorian décor, furniture, and American art objects. The place served hot sandwiches and snacks.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

Now, those food offerings are a thing of the past. Victoria’s has turned into a table service bar. You can sit down and enjoy some new specialties, such as milkshakes, ice teas, and a fresh lemonade. We sat down last weekend to enjoy some of the new offerings. Since it is a bar now, Annual Passholders do not receive their discount.

When seated, you will receive the new menu that you can check for yourself below:

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

We chose to try some home-made and fresh products. We ordered a strawberry milkshake, the ice tea of the day (peach), and the fresh lemonade.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

Strawberry Milkshake

All the milkshakes are €10 (around $12), except for the alcoholic ones that cost €12 (around $14). You can choose between well-known flavors such as chocolate and strawberry, but also lesser-known ones as peanut butter and Kinder Bueno. We tried the strawberry flavor.

This milkshake is served with a layer of whipped cream that has two pink marshmallows on it forming mouse-ears. The whipped cream is also covered with pink chocolate pearls.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

Although €10 is a lot of money for a milkshake, we definitely thought it was worth it! You can taste the fresh strawberry that fits perfectly with the taste of the ice-cream. In combination with the beautiful atmosphere of a table service restaurant, this milkshake (and the others, as I have heard) are something to try when you visit Disneyland Paris.

Ice Tea

There are three ice tea flavors on the menu: lemon black tea, mint green tea, and the ice tea of the day. This last one was peach, and we tried that one. Iced teas at Victoria’s cost €5 (around $6). The one we had was a nice refreshment, with the taste of peach and tea. So, it was good. Although it did not have ‘wow-factor’ the milkshake had, the drink is worth an order.

Fresh Lemonade

Perhaps the best refreshment on the menu was the fresh lemonade. This drink exceeded our expectations. It was very flavorful, and the lemon was very strong. I do not believe everyone would like it, but we were very enthusiastic about the drink that costs the same as the ice tea (€5).

Overall Experience

Overall, we had a great time in Victoria’s, especially after strolling through a theme park for some hours, this is a great place to sit down (in the restaurant or on the terrace). There is table service so no need to stand in lines and the products you can order are great. The prices may be a bit high, but it is worth it.

The bar is not really busy now. This may be because of the prices, because it is relatively new, or because there are no food offerings except for some pastries. If the hot sandwiches from the past return on the menu, I believe this will be one of the best places to have lunch in the park.

Victoria's Home Style Restaurant, Disneyland Paris, 2018.

So, sit down and grab a milkshake while there are still spots in the restaurant. I believe you will be satisfied! Let us know in the comments if you have tasted one, or more, of the new products at Victoria’s, and what you think about them.

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