tarzan treehouse

Eight Underrated Experiences to Get You Out Of a Disneyland Rut

Everyone has their Disneyland favorites. Personally, I try to always ride Haunted Mansion and see Fantasmic! But those that visit frequently often get into Disneyland ruts, because we don’t branch out. I’m certainly guilty of it! What we need to do is stop walking past underrated attractions, and instead stop and experience them! Here are eight experiences you should try next time you’re at the Disneyland Resort. If I didn’t list one of your favorite underrated attractions, let me know in the comments!

1. Heroic (and Not-So-Heroic) Encounters

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Where: Hollywood Land in California Adventure

The Marvel characters are out all day in Hollywood Land, but every now and again, you can time it when there’s a ton out all at once. Keep an eye out for when there are multiple characters out because you might just get lucky enough to find them wandering around, rather than posing for pictures. Loki, with all his snark, is a particularly good choice! He’s a super fun encounter and he’s often wandering around heckling.

2. Mickey and the Magical Map

map Mickey

Where: Fantasyland Theatre in Fantasyland in Disneyland Park

There’s always seats available for this show and seems to be a bit overlooked. This smart show plays to all ages. The kids love the beautiful projections and colors. There’s so much to see and hear. But so many of the songs are ones that older children and adults grew up with! There’s a lot of nostalgia in this fun show.

3. Tarzan’s Treehouse

tarzan treehouse

Where: Adventureland in Disneyland Park

This attraction is perfect if you have a particularly energetic bunch with you. It’s a beautiful view and an exciting climb, but without quite as much energy needed for the Redwood Creek Challenge in California Adventure. It’s not the best idea to do all this climbing on the hottest day of the year, but if you’re going when it’s a little cooler out, it can be a really fun way to interact with your family.

4. Animation Academy

animation academy

Where: Hollywood Land in California Adventure

Another show that always, always has seats open. This attraction is great for all ages, plus you get a break from that hot California sun. If you’re a little tired of drawing Mickey and his pals, keep an eye on the schedule. They often throw in new characters throughout the year, like Zero during Halloween or Buzz Lightyear during Pixar Fest.

5. Sorcerer’s Workshop

sorcerers workshop

Where: Hollywood Land in California Adventure

The Animation Academy building is also home to another often overlooked attraction. In fact, the Sorcerer’s Workshop contains two hands-on exhibits. Use Beast’s enchanted book in his library to find out which character matches your personality best. Or you can delve deeper in to the medieval castle to create your own animated characters and watch them spring to life. These exhibits are particularly good for kids and a great way for the whole family to interact together.

6. Main Street Cinema

Main Street cinema

Where: Main Street USA in Disneyland Park

This beauty is so often overlooked, but this cinema transports you back to when Disneyland was new. Share in your love for Disney with your little ones and introducing them to some of Disney’s earliest work, like “Steamboat Willie.” Bonus points: it’s a nice break in the middle of the day when you’re in need of air conditioning and the kids are getting a bit cranky.

7. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Where: Downtown Disney District

If you have a major Star Wars fan in your group, this hyper-reality experience is a must-do. Created by ILMxLAB and The VOID, this experience is really like nothing out there right now. It’s taking virtual reality so far into the future, you will swear you were actually transported into the Star Wars Universe. It’s kind of lame that you have to pay extra for it, but it is well worth the price for a Star Wars fan.

8. Storybook Land Canal Boats

storybook land boat

Where: Fantasyland in Disneyland Park

This slow and relaxing ride is great for young kids who might not be able to go on a lot of the other rides, but there’s another reason to give this ride a shot. At night, when it’s lit up and there’s stars everywhere, it becomes one of the most underrated, romantic experiences in Disneyland. Snuggle up under the starlight and enjoy the sights with your honey.