PHOTOS: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update – Waterfront Restaurant Takes Shape, Tower Enclosed, ETC.

It’s been a few months since we last checked up on the ongoing construction taking place at Disney’s Coronado Springs, so we stopped by to see how things are coming along. To reference how much progress has been made since our last visit, check out our previous most recent update.

Fresh Coat of Paint

The new darker coat of paint has been finished for a few weeks now, but this one portion on the right has been left undone while the construction walls stay up.

The backside of the building shows the same side that has yet to receive the new paint scheme.

Restaurant on the Water

The foundation for the bar and grill has been completed since our last visit. It’s getting easier to visualize the finished product as the restaurant has started going vertical.

Not much new in the way of bridge work.

The water is looking good…

Here is a view of both the waterfront restaurant and the giant tower from the second floor of Casitas building five.

Giant Tower Progression

Speaking of the fifteen story tower, it looks like it’s currently getting a Halloween makeover. Seriously though, it looks like most of the building has now been enclosed.

Many levels on both sides of the structure have had windows installed.

The top of the tower is beginning to come together.

Up close it’s easy to get a sense of just how massive the structure is.

This thing is going up fast.

More Parking

The expanded parking lot has now been walled off, but we managed to get a couple of views from various side angles.

Not much to see at the moment, but the parking lot should come together quickly once the land prepping has finished.

It seems like the crew might be using the unfinished parking lot grounds as temporary storage for building materials that are being used for the tower.

Miscellaneous Construction

The outdoor entrance to Maya Grill is being reworked.

Luckily the other entrance is just steps away, so this project shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience for guests.

That will do it for this update. The entire project should be done about a year from now, so it’ll be interesting to see the resort go from this to finished product. Hopefully the parking lot will be filled in sooner rather than latter.

Until next time…

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