PHOTOS: New Carousel Horse & “it’s a small world” Balloon Purses Available at Disney Parks

Hot on the heels of the ‘Disneybounding’ trend and previously released purses, there are two new purses available at Disney Dress Shops throughout Disney Parks in Florida and California. Both of these purses are inspired by Fantasyland attractions and have matching dresses to pair them up with.

The first one is a carousel horse. Its made of faux leather and retails for $65.00.

The second one is more unique and has already been extremely popular on social media after only being released for a couple days. The purse is an ‘it’s a small world’ hot air balloon, with some of the children from the attraction on it. The balloon purse is also a faux leather and retails for $65.00.

Both of the purses can be found at Disney Dress Shops in Disney Parks, and the ‘it’s a small world” purse can also be found at Small World Toys outside of the attraction. If the purse isn’t your style, maybe the recently released “it’s a small world” musical nutcracker is.

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