REVIEW: Rosé All Day Cookie at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs

There’s a new pink treat in town! This time coming straight to you from Wine Bar George, the brand new bar and restaurant at Disney Springs. The Rosé All Day Cookie is available at The Basket quick service window outside of the restaurant, making it an easy target for a grab-and-go option.

Rosé All Day Cookie – $4.00

It’s a beautiful sight, something to dream about on your way to the Springs. The sugar cookie below is one of the best darn cookies we have had in ages. It’s super soft and light in all the right ways, yielding its sugary body to small bites of sweet splendidness. There’s a Rosé-flavored frosting on top that’s pretty interesting. There’s a foreign taste, texture wise, that’s a little offputting. Once you get past that though it’s a subtle berry and floral flavor that tastes just as crisp as a glass of rosé. It’s an amazing cookie and well worth the cost at $4.00.

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