REVIEW: Disneyland Halloween Time Orange Sugar (Candy Corn) Churro

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Have you ever had one of those exceptional dining experiences where each item is almost too glorious to consume, and then every morsel is more delightful than the last? Well, a similar culinary progression is occurring at Disneyland Halloween Time, specifically regarding the churros.

Disney chefs are in an absolute groove with innovative churro creations. Guests were introduced to a wealth of colorful and mostly delicious stick-shaped doughnuts at Pixar Fest. The blessed tradition continues unabated for Halloween Time, and if anything, regarding taste and creativity, the offerings are an arguable upgrade.

It will depend upon your personal tastes, as well as the order of consumption, but I recommend you save the Orange Sugar Churro for last. While the name for this delicacy does ring with signature Disney creativity–I mean seriously, we can’t do better than “Orange Sugar”?–the resultant snack is reliably magical. Obtained at the familiar Frontierland churro cart, this particular confection belongs in a whole new category.

Falling short of the sweetness and chromatic impact of many of the other Halloween Time specialty items, the comparatively mute-hued, simply named Orange Sugar Churro will spoil you for any other. This is not a knock on, say, the Maleficent or Pumpkin Spice incantation, but the mild citrus contribution within the marshmallow dipping sauce (filled with candy corn pieces) ought make a repeat customer out of anyone.

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