REVIEW: Get Breakfast Pizza All Day Long with New Flatbread at Pinocchio Village Haus

I know what you’ve been thinking, because I have as well. “When will Village Haus finally serve breakfast?”. Oh, maybe I’m the only one thinking that. Fortunately the Village Haus works in mysterious ways and this time they’ve created a new puppet for the month of September. Not a puppet, per se, but a new monthly flatbread.

Flatbread of the Month – Scrambled Eggs – $11.99

Scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and bacon dominate the toppings list for this bland flatbread. No, literally the flatbread bread itself is bland and dry. The toppings are quite enjoyable and work well. I mean it’s breakfast on a pizza, Bagel Bites did it years ago so it must be good. Only downside we found is that they make these pizzas rather fresh. I guess that’s not a downside, but they make three or four at a time due to the eggs not keeping for an extended period. You may end up waiting 10-15 minutes for a pizza, we did. It may be worth your time if you’re craving breakfast in the evening during the month of September. This is the flatbread of the month and will dematerialize making way for a new October flatbread in just a few weeks.